what sets us apart

What Sets Us Apart

Dr. B. J. Thomas-Blair: a perfectionist at heart

With the flow of returning residents into Mandeville, there is very little about this emerging urban centre that surprises visitors. But, in the state-of-the-art offices of orthodontist Dr.  B. J. Thomas-Blair, you’ll be charmed by the seamless, open plan of the downstairs client service centre and not one, but two, play centres with video games for children and adults alike.

We offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults and children tailored to your needs, that’s in a caring, clean, and friendly setting. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the field of orthodontics and constantly keep abreast of new technology and services.

Our staff is fully trained, committed, and ready to serve. And we love what we do at Mandeville Orthodontics.

Along with providing orthodontic services, since 1996, Mandeville Orthodontics has provided  annual summer jobs, funding / scholarships for children, outreach at health fairs both in the community and in schools,  sponsorship of beauty pageants and more.  We have also given assistance to numerous schools, churches and organizations and  have made a positive difference in our communities.